Seville Staffing uses its government, regulatory and project management experience to establish and maintain high quality standards. Contractor has implemented the following procedures:

  • An arrival call on the first day of each new assignment to confirm the temporary employee’s on-time arrival and meeting initial expectations.
  • Periodically during the assignment, contacting the supervisor or designated representative to assure that the temporary worker is satisfying the demands of the job and meeting the Government’s expectations.
  • A performance review card sent at the end of an agreed-upon time period, to rate the employee’s performance on quality of work, quantity of work, attendance and professionalism. The Government would also be asked if it desires this employee to continue.
  • The results of the performance review card are shared with the temporary employee.
  • The information to monitor and improve service, and track fulfillment of the Government’s requirements.

Problem / Issue Resolution Process

At its initial meeting with the Government, Seville formulates specific notification procedure(s) to alert its in-house staff of any issues. Seville has a number of procedures, based on the unique requirements of the client, the people involved and the individual contract situation.

Seville seeks to avoid disputes and claims by working to settle minor problems and misunderstandings at the lowest possible level. Accordingly, Seville commits to forming excellent communications with the Government’s designated contractor liaison as often as necessary to assure client satisfaction with the progress of the contract. Seville would seek to learn of any issues at the earliest time and seek mutual efforts to resolve all problems identified during these meetings. Meetings can be held by phone, Skype and / or onsite.

For minor issues, Seville uses employee counseling – a Seville representative meets with the employee, describes the issue, and the issue is usually cleared up. If counseling does not succeed, but the work is satisfactory to the Government, Seville can do a written improvement plan, presented to the employee. In some situations, Seville can provide access to resources to improve skills through online or other teaching methods. Finally for situations in which the work or behavior is unsatisfactory; the employee is notified not to return.

When and if an employee issue is brought to the Contractor’s attention, Contractor:

  • Determines an acceptable action with the Government.
  • Counsels the employee.
  • If necessary replaces the employee with an employee acceptable to the Government per the contract guarantee, at no additional cost or fee.

Seville’s clear policy is immediate intervention, i.e., that day or the next business day to resolve problems to the Government’s satisfaction.

Having additional “bench strength,” i.e., people identified in a recruiting pool is the best means Seville has found to assure consistent coverage of the Government’s ongoing staffing needs.


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