Seville Staffing Seeks to Improve Online Accessibility for Candidates

ADA act signed by President BushAmong other requirements, the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. Seville Staffing has made several design changes to their website with the help of a local web developer, eBizUniverse, to allow easier online accessibility to search and apply for jobs. In this manner Seville has sought to better connect with people in search of career opportunities.

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Seville’s mission is to act as a bridge to join job seekers to job opportunities. We believe that we offer our employees the chance to work while seeking their dreams or turning “disabled” into “enabled.” To earn pay while pursuing a goal. To earn self-confidence and a paycheck during a personal transition.  We have helped individuals who come to us as young adults and leave us as focused career-minded individuals.  Others come to us during a time in their lives when they are looking for a new start or a change in their lives.  Our passion is to aid people of all walks of life and development to be in a better place after being with Seville.