How to Work with and Mentor the Millennial Generation

MillennialsSeville Staffing has been around since 1979.  In this time, we have had many of our employees get married, raise families and encourage their children to register with our agency when seeking work.  In the past, we have had three generations working with our company.

As the children born between 1996 and 2000 join the workforce, there are numerous opinions on seeing a shift in their work ethic which is much different from the Baby Boomers or Generation X workers.

Many businesses use terms like “lazy” or “demanding” to describe millennials, but sometimes forget that these young adults are provided with many career options in this fast-paced world of innovation and technology. As a result, many feel overwhelmed and simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to choosing a career path. Our job is guiding them through any challenging obstacles ahead and making sure we give them the necessary tools for a successful outcome.

Young woman at workWorking with and mentoring millennials is a matter that all prominent organizations who are leaders in the staffing world must sit down and consider. Learning to understand millennials can create loyal employees and provide businesses with all the new insights that fresh young ideas can often bring.  At Seville, we strive to make their transition into a corporate setting smooth.

Two Main Characteristics of Millennials to Keep in Mind

When it comes to connecting with millennials, it’s important to remember that there are two characteristics that continually emerge within this particular group:

  • Independence: Millennials have a strong desire to form their own careers; they may just lack clarity. This is where mentoring can help. If someone shows interest in their future, they are more inclined to take charge in forming it for themselves.
  • Lack of direction: Although many millennials want to seize opportunities as they come, they simply don’t know where to start. Working is no longer a matter of selecting what is available in one’s hometown; millennials are faced with the possibility of working all over the world, as well as on a diversity of online platforms. Understanding this can enable companies to be more patient with the seemingly “flighty” nature of millennials, and to be patient as they instruct them throughout their professional life.

Providing Professional Opportunities Across the Board

Seville Staffing in Chicago provides a variety of promising temporary or direct hire opportunities to millennials in order to challenge them and help them get started on a great career. Why wait? Contact the team today to learn more.