Hard Work and Listening Can Turn an Internship into a Permanent Job

InternshipOver the years, Seville Staffing has believed in internship programs. An intern can be just as crucial to a company’s success as an existing employee. Many times, a firm’s best employees started out either in a part-time or temporary position.

Others may start out in a role that is seen as “on the job training,” or in the professional world –“interns.”

Many people have used their internships to excel in the workforce and create successful careers. Just take a look:
Conan O’Brien
• Tom Hanks
• Oprah Winfrey
• Tom Ford
• Brooke Shields
• Spike Lee

Starting Small, Finishing Big

Intern working hardRegardless of lifestyle or education, anyone who is looking to succeed in the professional world can excel by starting small. There are many industries that hire interns over a certain period of time, and when this time is used wisely, internships can grow into something much more.

How? In two easy steps:

• Hard work: When an intern has a good work ethic, he or she stands out. Employers notice when they’ve got a solid team player on their hands, and they are more likely to entrust such a person with more responsibility. Once the internship ends, they may very well be interested in offering such a person a full time position in their company.

• Listening to the needs and qualifications of the company: Working hard is closely connected to listening and paying attention to how the company operates. When one understands this, one can adapt to the office environment and better meet the needs of everyone concerned. When interns express interest in the company, that company is more likely to become more interested in them.

Obtain Experience with a Quality Company

Seville offers various internship opportunities for high school seniors, college students or career transitioning adults who have the desire to learn about the staffing industry and apply their knowledge with new and innovative methods.

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